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If you are looking for Chukka Boots, then you are in the right place. We offer reviews and product descriptions of the best footwear for men and women in online. This type of footwear is hard to find at malls and even on the Internet. So this site is dedicated to buyers who are looking for best deals.

Here are information about the top brands of today:

Red Wing Heritage Classic Work Chukka BootRed Wing – One of the most sought-after pair today is the Red Wing Wabasha. Coming from a great shoe brand, the Wabasha is of top quality. It is very comfortable for a boot and it looks great with khakis and jeans. This is a highly-recommended item because it is well-made and a perfect everyday shoe.



VANS CHUKKA BOOTVans – This brand is probably today’s leader in the footwear revolution. Every year, the manufacturers seem to mix it up a little bit and come up with cool fresh designs. Although it is more known for its skate shoes and sneakers, Vans is one of the most preferred by young men and women when it comes to this style.

The Vans Chukka Low Skate Shoe is very hot and is creating a lot of buzz right now.  It is a great combination of the Authentic Skate Shoe and the timeless design of a desert boot.


Clarks Originals Desert BootClarks Chukka Boots – When it comes to this type of boots, Clarks is definitely one of the best as far as timeless styles and authenticity go. Although still not very known in the U.S., its brand name is slowly making its way to the top of the industry.

One of its bestselling is its Clarks Originals Desert Boot which possesses great resemblance to the crepe-soled boots used by British Officers during the World War.


FRYE BootFRYE Chukka Boots This brand is known for making rugged yet stylish footwear and their chukkas are not an exception. It is a perfect match for your khakis and jeans. This brand is known for its long and illustrious history and it is evident by its timeless designs.




TIMBERLANDTimberland – These footwear are a combination of elegance, comfort, and durability. It can be a perfect work boots. Timberland is a brand that has created its name by creating top quality outdoor boots and casual footwear.




Sperry Top-Sider ChukkaSperry Top-Sider– If you are looking for a comfortable and lighter pairs, then you should check out the latest from Sperry Top-Sider. This brand is known for its boat shoes but it is slowly expanding to the fashion industry.




Rockport Men's Dressports ChukkaRockport – The company is famous for being an innovator of the shoe industry by using the best materials and the latest technology in footwear. They understand the needs of men and women seeking style and comfort. Recently, they partnered with Adidas to incorporate athletic-shoe technology to casual footwear designs.

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What are Chukka Boots?

These are ankle-length footwear that were made famous in the late 1940s. Originally used as casual boots, these are quite like the desert boots used by the British Forces although it is much tighter on the ankle. Another significant feature is that it only comes with 2 to 3 pairs of eyelets for lacing which makes it look attractively simple. However, today’s designs are now a little different.

The materials commonly used are suede and calfskin and the famous colors include brown, black and grey. This style of footwear is getting famous in the fashion world.

Looking for the best pairs online is not easy as there are still a few websites that sell them. And this is why we compiled the best pairs in the top brands.

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